The “Dr. Mihai Pop” Art Gallery of the Oaș Land Museum hosted on Saturday evening (November 30, 2019) the opening of the 11th edition of the national photography show “Versus, and yet, together”, an exhibition organized by our talented photographers Komaromi Romeo, Remus Tiplea and Emilian Moldovan.

In a world where billions of photos are taken in a single day, it may seem superfluous to organize a photo exhibition.

However, one decade ago, four photographers from the Land of Oaș have laid the foundation of a suggestive photography festival entitled “Versus, and yet, together”, and the years that have passed have done nothing more than confirm the viability and consistency of this artistic endeavor.

Of the four initiators, only three remained on board: Remus Țiplea, Emilian Moldovan, and Romeo Komaromi, who continue to believe with great perseverance that the world seen through the lens can be more beautiful, that a photograph has the power to bring joy and even to heal.

This was a special edition as Romeo Komaromi launched his first photo album suggestively titled “Hunting faces and views”, the result of 10 years of assiduous documentation.
Once again, we have enjoyed the presence of 22 photography artists from all over the country, renowned both nationally and internationally.

The value of the exhibition is given not only by the magnificent collections of photographs that transpose on film stories from the real Romania and from all over the world, but also due to the fact that among the photographers exhibiting this year there were talents awarded at prestigious competitions both in the country and abroad.

The partners of the event were National Geographic – Romania, the Satu Mare County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of the Traditional Culture with the support of the Satu Mare County Council, in collaboration with the Negrești Oaș Town Hall, the Oaș Land Museum and the Town House of Culture.