An exceptional editorial event was held on Thursday, September 26, 2019, at the „Dr. Mihai Pop” Art Galleries: the presentation of the novel „Scadența” by Horia Liman, published by Ars Longa Publishing House, with a postage and translated from French to Romanian by Rodica Gabriela Chira, originally from the Land of Oaș and currently a university lecturer within the Department of Philology of the „1st of December 1918” University.

The event was attended by a large audience, and also by well-known and appreciated people of culture, who had only words of appreciation about the book launched: the ethnographer Remus Ilie Vârnav, prof. Dr. Mihaela Grigorean from the Negrești-Oaș Theoretical High School and the writer Ioan Nistor.

In his message, the mayor Aurelia Fedorca congratulated Rodica Gabriela Chira for the work she did by translating a book essential for the culture, history and heritage of the Oaș Land and thanked her for accepting the invitation to present the book in Negrești-Oaș.

The book launch ended with an artistic moment performed by the beloved folk music singer Maria Tripon accompanied by the Zele brothers.

The event was organized by the Negrești-Oaș Town Hall and Local Council, the Town House of Culture, the Oaș Land Museum and the Negrești-Oaș National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion.