The ancient symbol of spring, of the beginning and of the joy of living is the trinket or „Mărțișor” in romanian, a traditional piece of jewelry with white and red string, worn by romanian women from the begininng until the end of March.

The word „Mărțișor” is the diminutive of „Marț”, the old folk name for the month of March , and thus literally means „little March”.
On „Mărțișor”, the old is renewed and the traditions, customs and habits of thousands of years old are brought back to the center of attention. Offering a trinket as a gift to a person one trully cares about means, according to some old beliefs, persuading the sun to give one health, happiness, joy, lust for life and love.

This is the reason why this beautiful tradition continued in Negrești-Oaș this year, by organizing the eighth edition of The Fair of the Traditional Trinket or „Mărțișor”, preceded by workshops for the creation and preparation of trinkets and cards.

Students from all schools and preschools in town created real jewelry for their mothers, grandmothers and women in their lives. The fair was filled with colorful trinkets, all made with love for the women.

The craftsmen of the area also took part to this event with artisanal trinkets, lavender trinkets, but also with the newest and most unusual gift: framed art trinkets that have been hand bent from a single wire.

The organizers of the event were the Negrești-Oaș Town Hall and Local Council, through the Town House of Culture, in partnership with the Oaș Land Museum, the Negrești-Oaș National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion, the town’s educational institutions and all those who made it possible for this event to continue the tradition.