The „Dr. Mihai Pop” Art Gallery of the Oaș Land Museum hosted on March 5 a book launch event, doubled by a unique fashion show which featured details from the old Oaș Land traditional costumes adapted to the modern style.

The leading figure of the event was the Oaș Land native writer Irina Monac who launched her newest volume: “Ion al meu”, a love story from the Oaș Land, woven through the simplicity of events with references in the history of the place. The book describes the testimonies of elders of great ethnographic value, thus presenting ancient rituals and beliefs.

Writers George Vulturescu, Hatefan Haiduc and Alexandru Zotta spoke about the book, as well as the director of the Satu Mare Department of Culture, Zamfir Danciu.

The event ended in the colors offered by the fashion show presented by Irina Monac, with outfits that highlighted details of the old Oaș Land costumes adapted with mastery to the modern style.

The role of models was played by the students of the Negrești-Oaș Theoretical High School and the Ioniță G. Andron High School, under the guidance of the French teacher Adriana Pop. The main organizer of the event was Anca Natalia Rusu, the director of the Oaș Land Museum, who worked closely with Irina Monac to ensure the success of this event.

Organizers: Negrești-Oaș Town Hall and Local Council, through the Oaș Land Museum, in partnership with author Irina Monac.