The Town Celebration – an event that brings the community together, organized under the brand of The Oaș Dowry – is held annually for 3 days, usually on the first weekend after August 15, when thousands of Oaș residents working abroad return home for the summer holiday.

The event begins with a parade from the Town Hall to the stage that is set up downtown.

Featuring a stage, funfairs, plenty of food and gift stands, the Town Celebration truly offers something for residents of all ages and interests.

During the 3 days people can enjoy exceptional folk and contemporary music concerts held by famous and beloved artists.

During the events the mayor offers diplomas and plaques, awarding the personalities of the town, the driven and talented students with outstanding results, as well as the couples celebrating the Golden Wedding Anniversary (i.e. 50 years of marriage).

The holiday ends with a spectacular fireworks display.

The organizers of the events are the Negrești-Oaș Town Hall and Local Council, the Town House of Culture, the Oaș Land Museum, the Negrești-Oaș National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion and Events Walter Company.