The day of the traditional Romanian blouse is a story that has started with the fist silk thread (borangic in Romanian) sown on a cloth.

On the night of the open skies, the celebration called „Sânzienele”, the traditional Romanian blouse (IA in Romanian) is celebrated in Negrești-Oaș as well, at the Outdoor Oaș Land Museum, in natural conditions where one can fully understand the brilliance of the Oaș tradition.

IA, the main piece of the Romanian folk costume, is constantly rediscovered, arousing a fascination that goes beyond the borders of the country and carries its image as a symbol of the Romanian costume.

Our community has been long known for preserving and promoting traditions. It is our duty to promote the authentic traditional Romanian blouse, called „cămeșa oșenească” here in the Land of Oaș, and to encourage its promotion as an element of national and local identity.
The Oaș Land Museum, which has a collection of over 250 pieces of Oaș Land traditional blouses, joins this praiseworthy initiative to promote the Romanian cultural heritage and the traditional values of the Romanian people.

Time schedule:
Saturday, June 23:
➢ Lady’s bedstraws wreath workshop
➢ Artisanal and Craft exhibition
➢ Parade of traditional costumes from the Land of Oaș
➢ Folk music moment performed by singer Maria Tripon together with the folk ensembles Oașul and Sânzienele, accompanied by Vasile Solomon and Mihai Zele.

Sunday, June 24, 9am to 5pm
➢ free museum access for visitors wearing a traditional Romanian blouse

Organizers: Negreşti-Oaş Town Hall and Local Council, through the Oaş Land Museum, the Town House of Culture, the Negrești-Oaș National Center for Tourism Information and Promotion and the educational institutions from Negreşti-Oaş.