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Folklore and ethnography


Osenii, the citizens of the Oas region, have always succeeded in keeping alive and transmitting to all generations the most important things for them: the language, the old traditions and customs. Tara Oasului become famous thanks to the traditional costumes the people still wear, its art, music and the unusual dances. All of them are permanent in the day life special events: the weddings, shepherds meetings and other holidays.

The traditional house in Oas
The traditional house is made by wood, with a tall and tapering straw or shingle roof. The verandah is relied on pillars. The gate is oak wood sculptured.

The traditional costumes
The traditional costume from Oas is well-known for its unique colouring and motives.
Every men wear a cloche hat, adorned with beads or pens and a special bag, called “straita” (knapsack) coloured in a special manner and adorned with geometrical or vegetal motives. During the summer, men wear large trousers. In the winter they wear tight trousers and white or black sheepskin coats.
The costumes models are the same with the old, since the Dacian period.
The women costumes are also coloured. The chemise is decorated with geometrical and floral motives. The apron is in general yellow or red, also embellished with flowers. The hair plaiting and the bead wreath the brides wear are also distinct.

The traditional dance
Tara Oasului became well-known because of the traditions and old customs.
“Roata” (wheel) and “Miresele” (brides), the traditional ring dances, animated by the jerky rhythm of the violin, by the “tapurituri” (shouting) -the unusual and unique kind of witty couplet- and by the special way of clapping hands are distinct.
“Dantul” (dance) , a way of dance between the young boys and the young girls is another special and known one.

“Tapuritura” – the witty couplet
“Tapuritura” has its own place in the musical domain. Even the carols are sung this way.

The wedding
The wedding is the most important event in everyone’s life. From a cultural point of view, the wedding in Oas is one of the most spectacular element in the north-west part of Transylvania.
The event is well organized by the parents and the youngsters who are going to get married. Again, people have to participate to different traditional rituals: making ready the dowry, the costumes, selecting the godparents, inviting people at the wedding, preparing the wedding flag, taking goodbye from the families, spreading the magic spells for bringing fortune, the blessings, the feast… All accompanied by the witty couplets, and traditional songs.
The wedding in Oas is a complex social-cultural event.

Easter and Christmas holidays are special religious events, too, that emphasize the old customs and traditions multitude, that are kept so well.4

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