Founded in 1972 (3 Livezilor street), we find it in the centre of the city, very close to the national road Satu Mare-Sighetul Marmatiei, on the shores of the Tur river, in a picturesque hill space. Representative monuments of peasant architecture from the XVIIth-XXth centuries were brought here from the villages of the area.

The museum in open air of Oas Country is not a museum but an entire world gathered on a surface of 2 hectares, close to the centre of Negresti-Oas, on the shores of Tur river. It is a journey in time, a return at the origins of Oas Country. Here you can find a world full of authenticity and traditions, our parents and grandparents’traditions. It is the world in which the immortal stories come to life and prove us the unicity of the places.


The piece of resistance of the museum, established in 1966, is the wooden church from Lechinta village that dates back to the first part of the 17th century. It notes Cămârzana and Racşa houses, two houses and a barn in mono-cell Gherţa Mică, sheep annex and Bixad out of the pantry, circular coop from Negreşti-Oas, houses from Moişeni and Racşa. Next are two molecular houses from Gherţa and the pottery from Vama.


Normally the museum shows but this museum lives and always catches more life. This is the most attractive part of the museum. Here the visitors can see the local people coming to grind at the mill, to wash at the whirl and to process the wool tissues at the mill machine or to wangle their horses, to fix agricultural tools at the forge.

The journey through the museum ends in the school workhouse of pottery, established in a splendid wooden house that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. The workhouse is endowed with 6 electrical wheels of potter, 2 ovens to burn ceramics, blender, furniture. Here, a team made up of potters from Vama (old center for pottery from Oas), artists and ethnographers ensure the children’s instruction in order to ensure the tradition of pottery.

A distillery was also established here. All of these take you in a world that you believed was lost and the parents’ and grandparents’ stories and wisdom float in the air.

The Museum is very suggestive for the entire zone of Oas Country due to the landscapes from the area and the luxuriant vegetation as well as to the valuable collection of ethnography and popular art.

The interior of the houses from the Museum in open air will enchant you and will show you the richness of the aforetime Oras Country village world.

Address: 3-5 Livezilor street, Negresti Oas, Satu Mare county
Phone number: 0040-261.854.860
Program: March – November: daily between 09.00-17.00. Saturday: 09.00-14.00.
In winter, visits are possible upon request.