Your adventure has to start from the center in order to discover the stories of Negresti where you will be greeted by warm and smiling people. The center of Negresti Oas is the soul itself of the community that gathers in the center for important events, being guarded by the Orthodox Cathedral and The Museum of Oas Country.

The central park is, at its turn, a museum in open air in which famous artist have left their works as sign of the covenant they made with these places.

You can also find Mihai Eminescu’s bust in the park – Traian Moldovan’s work from 2000 and Iuliu Maniu’ bust – Radu Ciobanu’s work from 2000.

Another point of attraction is the Obelisk dedicated to the heroes they died for the freedom of the country placed in the central park. It has a rectangular shape of 3 meters high, made up of black marble, it was lifted in 1989.

Address: 140 Victoriei street