Situated in the center of Negresti-Oas city, in front of the town hall, the Museum of the Oas Country has a permanent exhibition of objects of ethnography and popular art that comprises: popular attire from Oas, tissues specific to the area, ceramics from Vama, furniture and elements of popular architecture; photos from the collection I.G. Andron, especially from the inter-war period which are the last images of an archaic world but also art collection – donation, comprising the works of the painter Ioan Tantas and other works of local plastic art.

Tradition goes hand in hand with modernism at Negresti Oas, in the Museum in open air. The sign that the people from Oas Country respect their past but look towards the future is also the ample cultural life that deploys itself in one of the most modern and spacious art galleries from Romania, The Gallery Dr. Mihai Pop.

Plastic artists from the area but also from the entire country and frm abroad frequently display here. The annual exhibition of contemporary visual arts Art The Annunciation has become traditional amongst these, being organized each year on March 25 and the annual event of photography “Versus but together” becomes more and more famous at national level.

Address: 140 Victoriei street, Negresti-Oas, Satu Mare county
Phone number/fax: 0261.854.839; Mobile: 0731.309.751
Program: daily between 08.00-16.00, Saturday and Sunday between 09.00-14.00.
At request one organizes visits also outside this program.