The monastery from Bixad, situated on the top of a hill from the village, at 10 km distance from Negresti-Oas, is inhabited by the monks. The monastery is famous for the icon of Holy Virgin that makes miracles. Every year, on 15th August, thousands of pilgrims, from all over the north part of Transylvania gather in this place to celebrate the day of Saint Mary.

The monastery had been built at the end of the 17th century (about 1689) by the Isaia archimandrite, an ex– Greek orthodox monk from the St. Paul monastery (Athos). The construction had been finished in 1700.

An year latter, when Isaia was killed, the monastery was devastated. The present church was built by stone and bricks in 1771. Between 1978 and 1980, it was renovated and many other appendages were built.

Also, Bixad is a local seasonal watering and climatic place that owns many mineral carbonated, chlorinated and sodium waters.

Location: Bixad commune, Satu Mare county, Romania
Tel/fax: 0040-261.843.735
Distance from Negresti-Oas: 20 kilometers
Historic dating: 1614
Mother superior: Mother Ieronima Selever
Titular saint: “The Holy Trinity”, the second day after Pentecost