Negresti-Oas is the city that has its own moon that shines up on the sky: Luna Ses. It is the temple in open air of Oas Country, being guarded by Pietroasa peak on one side that has a gorgeous Sphinx on top – a strange volcanic rock and by the Small Mountain on the other side, being furrowed by smooth rivers and srings with mineral waters. It is a touristic resort that is in construction, spread on a surface of 250 hectares, “the zero kilometer of Satu Mare tourism” and the Northern Pearl.

The sight from Pietroasa peak, one like only the birds catch in their flight reveal you the unique show of a city and a country that respect their past, lives the moment and looks at the future. The entire area is a temple in open air of a beauty that makes you whisper not to wake up the mountain.
You have the opportunity to make unforgettable trips at Luna Ses. A smooth road starts at the entrance in Negresti, on the right that takes you up to the place where the sky path is being constructed. An asphalted road on a distance of 12 kilometers.

From here, a splendid but quite difficult path is the one that leads to Pietroasa peak, marked with blue. You have to climb around 3 kilometers through the forest, on a path full of wild strawberries and then, a little bit higher, with immense bushes of bilberries. You will have to climb a very abrupt path, on a quite small distance, to reach the peak but the sacrifice is worth it. The entire beauty of Oas Country reveals itself to you from Pietroasa peak (1201 meters). On the paths of descent there is a stream of natural mineral water called “borcut”.

Various recreational areas already developed in the area that have lodging spaces, restaurant, terrace, trout farms and zones of recreation in open air: The Bait Pension from Ses, Boda Osanu Pension, Ivan Pension.