The Land of Oaș is the place of ancestral customs, where people understood the meaning of life through traditions, crafts and nature resources. Adopting a lifestyle based on simplicity and the cycles of nature, the people of Oaș understood that its resources are the guide to the healing both the body and the soul.

Thus, the people of the Oaș Land are proud of the nature resources found on their lands. One of these resources, which they say has health benefits and therapeutic properties, is the natural mineral water spring. Here, this type of water spring is called „borcut”. The „borcut” water can be found in several localities in the Land of Oaș, such as: Negrești-Oaș, Vama, Certeze, Bixad etc.

As composition, „borcut” is a calcium, sulphurous, chlorosodic and carbonated water, which can be included in the category of natural mineral waters and medicinal waters. Since ancient times, the people of Oaș have been consuming this water in order to supplement the mineral needs of the body or for its curative effects.