Oftentimes, a photography can say more than a thousand words…

Since 2008, in the presence of a generous, art-loving audience, the “Dr. Mihai Pop” Art Gallery  of the Oas Land Museum in Negreşti-Oaş  is the  perfect host of an annual national exhibition of photography  called “Versus and, yet,  Together”, a show that has already become a tradition.

Originally started as an exhibition of four local passionate photographers, the event has been radically transformed with the following year, and thus, the town of Negreşti Oas became, for a few hours a year, the national capital of photography.

In all these years of existence, ”Versus and, yet,  Together” has proven that it is more than just another exhibition, but a real phenomenon that coagulated the most talented photographers that Romania has as we speak around the 3 organizers Emilian Moldovan, Remus Ţiplea and Romeo Komaromi – the hard core of the event.